Division Builds

Contributing builds

Builds can be submit using the form on the Submit page or via Github Issue or Github Pull Request. Before deciding what way you want to use check out the Github Repository.
If you consider using a Pull Request, check out the build file example. Pull Requests are the fastest way to get your build on the site, but they have to be done properly. Keep in mind, that Issues or Pull Requests will require you to have a Github account.
If you think you are not capable of doing a Pull Request with your build data as JSON file, no problem. Simply submit an Issue or use the form on the Submit page and a member of our staff will turn your build into a JSON file. However, this may take several days or longer, especially if they have to ask you to submit additional information or correct mistakes.

Contributing to the website

This website is open source and made by community members for community members. We are always looking to improve it and greatly appreciate it, if you want to help.
Feel free to check out the Github Repository and report bugs, give feedback and propose changes! Every little Issue or Pull Request helps!

If you want to know more about the development process, Follow @Division_Builds on Twitter or join the DivisionBuilds Discord: